Construction Security Services

Security guarding with highly visible security officers remains one of the most effective security measures, acting as a highly visible deterrent to ensure the safety of your construction site and personnel. It is not the first time that the UK has been subjected to construction risks. Our Security Guards are highly skilled, trained, and vetted, allowing us to protect your construction / building site.

We provide customized security solutions based on your company’s needs, timelines, and budget! We are here to protect you, your employees, your site, your materials, and, of course, to always ensure your safety! Our dedicated team will make it their sole responsibility to protect your site, property, and equipment, ensuring minimal disruption while providing maximum protection.

Construction Site Mobile Security Patrols

Look no further than Alpha-One Plus if you need construction security that covers more than one area since they will go above and above to safeguard the entire site.

Building developments are big, hazardous locations with restricted access, which creates multiple opportunities for criminal activity and difficulties for site management. To ensure complete site security, our well verified security officers can offer wide coverage.

Due to their flexibility and ability to move around and monitor different places, conduct foot patrols, provide open-air security, and drive our marked patrol cars, our mobile guards provide a cost-effective visual deterrent as well as a quick and effective response to any security breaches.

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